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Manta Mandala captures the grace and beauty of these magnificent creatures, while also representing the freedom and harmony found in the depths of the ocean.


Each Manta Ray symbolizes strength, elegance, and a connection to the underwater world, making these mandala fins a perfect addition to any freediver's collection.

Handcrafted with precision and attention to detail, the Manta Mandala by @jessmaemandala is a unique and captivating piece of art that will inspire and uplift any freediver.


Whether you're a seasoned freediver or just starting out, this mandala is a reminder to embrace the fluidity and tranquility of the ocean, just like the Manta Rays themselves. Add a touch of oceanic beauty to your surroundings with the Manta Mandala, and let it serve as a visual reminder of the wonders that lie beneath the waves.


Created by the talented artist @jessmaemandala, this piece is perfect for any freediver or ocean enthusiast !


All our composite blades carry a limited 3 year warranty against blade breakage! Not sure which blade stiffness you require? Please refer to the SUPPORT PAGE to see our FIN STIFFNESS GUIDE.



Add Foot pockets here


Blade dimensions:

Working blade length: 72cm

Insert length: 14cm

Blade width: 19cm

Angle to foot pocket: 25 degrees


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