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Penetrator Fins (“us”,“we”or “our”) warrants that any new and genuine product sold by us, or our authorised stockists - will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal applications and use for a period of 3 years (composite fins) and 1 year (carbon fins & speargun products) from the date of purchase. Please note that this warranty does not cover minor imperfections in the shape, surface and texture inclusive of any minor scratches and minor inclusions. In making a claim under this warranty, it is your responsibility to deliver to us, and provide any information we may reasonably request (including providing proof of purchase) in relation to, the relevant product so that we may validate your claim. In satisfying our obligations in relation to any valid warranty claim, we may repair or replace the relevant product at our discretion.


Please note this warranty does not cover damage caused by you or unintended uses of the product (“Customer Damage”).


Customer Damage includes: 

+ damage caused as a result of neglect; 

damage caused by exposure to extreme temperatures; 

alterations or repairs without our permission

Other factors that will prevent you from claiming under this warranty or that are not covered include:

the product has been purchased used, second hand or from anyone other than an authorised stockist or directly by us;

the process for making a claim under this warranty has not been correctly followed;

normal wear and tear;

footpockets, unless faulty on receipt of the product


In order to make a claim under this warranty:

contact the stockists where you purchased the product or email us directly:
if you purchased the product directly or via our e-commerce store within one year of the date of purchase;

present the original invoice, sales receipt or online order number if purchased online;

+ return the product to the stockist or us for assessment. We will then determine the claim is valid in accordance with the terms of this warranty and fix / or replace where necessary.



For more information about our Product Warranty, or if you have questions please contact us by e-mail at

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