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Mares Razor foot pocket priced per pair including fixing kit. 

The Mares Pure Instinct Razor Foot Pocket is a light-weight pocket that is designed to suit most foot shapes. This pocket has a comfortable, yet rigid structure which allows great flexibility while giving you power transfer from the reinforced panels. This product is made from sturdy and high-quality soft rubber material which makes it highly durable.  Mares Size Tips: Mares recommend that their pockets are worn with 2mm or 3mm socks to prevent blisters or rubbing when being worn for long periods of time. These foot pockets are of the highest quality so you can be assured they will not stretch or wear-in.  If you are not planning on wearing socks, Mares recommend to choose a smaller size as they are designed to be worn with them. See the Mares size guide for size assistance. If you are still unsure of your sizing please email us.


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