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Noob Spearo

The Noob Spearo x Penetrator blades bring our dynamic design into partnership with Penetrators' fin technology.


The octopus pattern is embedded into the fin and the translucent material means that the design can be seen from both sides of the blade. Strong and still flexible, these Penetrator Fins incorporate durability and performance with the use of fiberglass and high quality resin’s.


The Penetrator Composite range ensures a tough high performing fin.


  • 72 cm working blade length
  • Lightweight but suitable for more arduous work than carbon fiber blades
  • Full length channeling rails that deliver improved efficiency by reducing water spill
  • Translucent material
  • Noob Spearo Custom Design


These fins are a huge improvement over plastic blades while still remaining durable enough to take on some tougher terrain. Penetrator back their workmanship with a 3 year warranty meaning you will have a fin that will last the distance.


All our composite blades carry a limited 3 year warranty against blade breakage! Not sure which blade stiffness you require? Please refer to the SUPPORT PAGE to see our FIN STIFFNESS GUIDE.


Add Foot pockets here


Blade dimensions:

Working blade length: 72cm

Insert length: 14cm

Blade width: 19cm

Angle to foot pocket: 25 degrees

Noob Spearo

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