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The ROAR DOUBLE BAND SPEARGUN is a top-of-the-line speargun designed and crafted at our factory on the Gold Coast, Australia.


With a 32mm round barrel is carefully pressure molded from 100% prepreg carbon fiber and hand finished for ultimate durability and high standards.

The Fury Handle, co-designed by one of Penetrator Fins owner Larry Gray, ensures maximum control and comfort during your spearfishing expeditions.


This speargun is perfect for both amateur and experienced spearfishers looking for a high-standard, reliable hunting tool. Whether you're hunting small reef fish or larger pelagic species, the ROAR Double Band Speargun will help you bring home the catch of the day.


Email for other sizes and availability.


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All sizes come with:


+ Penetrator Australian made 100% prepreg Carbon Barrel with gloss finish + Twin 16mm USA Black Latex rubber bands with dyneema bridles + CNC machined Delrin muzzle + Either 7mm (90cm - 110cm) or 7.5mm (110cm-140cm) spring steel shaft + Fury Dupont Super Tough Nylon handle + 400 pound Jinkai mono shooting line on silicon muzzle bungee.


PriceFrom $599.00
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