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Storm is a purpose-built rollergun, equipped with a single roller-muzzle and developed utilizing a 100% carbon fiber reversed wing barrel that spans 2 3/4" (72mm) wide. The center section of the barrel is filled with high density foam to increase strength and absorb sound. The reversed wing design assists in the bands being recessed into a lower profile once loaded, making the speargun easier to aim.Penetrator Spearguns use a Fury Handle that was co-designed by Larry Gray of Penetrator. Made with Dupont Super Tough Nylon ensuring toughness.


All sizes come with:

+ Fury Handle 

+100% Carbon Fibre Barrel

+Fury single roller muzzle 

+Twin 16mm USA Black Latex rubber bands set at pretension with high quality dyneema line

+ 7 or7.5mm (115cm) or 8mm (120cm-130cm) shaft 

+ Available with or without reel or reel line click here to add a reel.


$1,659.00 Regular Price
$1,359.00Sale Price
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