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The T700X NAKED BLACK is the pinnacle in performance when it comes to freediving and spearfishing fins. Made with Penetrator ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT T700X CARBON, these fins are the ultimate in high performance carbon fins.

The blade utilizes world-leading TEXTREME spread tow technology in the carbon fiber, reducing resin consumption and creating a lighter blade.


The T700X NAKED BLACK is lighter than the previous version, thanks to a more efficient use of resin, making them the perfect choice for the diver looking for optimal performance and efficiency in the water.


We have also re-designed the fin blade layers to give a smoother flex profile.


Penetrator Carbon T700X range offers the ultimate in fin performance. With an identical profile to our other blades, 72 cm working blade length, 25 degree toe angle for efficient surface fining and extremely lightweight at 200 grams all fitted with our exclusively produced wide water channeling rails. This means less fatigue and lower oxygen consumption for divers who appreciate the advantages that can be gained from high performance equipment.


Strong but flexible, the latest technology for high performance fins. The Penetrator Carbon range offers the ultimate in fin performance.


Logos are added using hard wearing epoxy inks or In Mould Labelling (IML) techniques during manufacture.


All our carbon blades carry a limited 1 year warranty against blade breakage! Not sure which blade stiffness you require? Please refer to the SUPPORT PAGE



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Blade dimensions:

Working blade length: 72cm

Insert length: 14cm

Blade width: 19cm

Angle to foot pocket: 25 degrees

Blade weight bare in grams:

Carbon Naked medium: 220g

Carbon Naked soft: 200g


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