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T700X Orca Whale

Orca Whale, a cutting-edge addition to our collection of freediving fins. Designed by the talented @jessmaemandala, these fins are made for performance and style.


The stunning Orca Whale design features graceful curves and vibrant colors that mimic the marine mammal dancing in the sunsets over tropical waters. Crafted from durable, lightweight materials, these fins provide power and agility in the water, allowing you to effortlessly glide through the depths. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned freediver, the T700X Orca Whale fins are the perfect choice for enhancing your underwater experience.


The pinnacle in performance! Penetrator ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT T700X CARBON FINS are an elite high performance carbon fin. They are softer, lighter, stronger and more responsive to the parabolic curve that happens with correct finning technique. This means that the diver exerts less energy, with reduced fatigue. Divers who have been trialling the fins have found that they are able to catch that dream fish, as they have more energy due to the lightweight nature of these fins. Also great for the freediver who wants to explore new depths.


Strong but flexible, the latest technology for high performance fins. The Penetrator Carbon range offers the ultimate in fin performance. Identical profile to the composite blade, 72 cm working blade length, 25 degree toe angle for efficient surface fining and extremely lightweight with wide water channelling rails. This means less fatigue and lower oxygen consumption for divers who appreciate the advantages that can be gained from high performance equipment. Carbon Fibre blades receive a protective layer of Kevlar 49 multi-axial reinforcement in the tip of the blade to prevent chips and cracking. This system is unique to Penetrator blades. Kevlar is an extremely resilient and flexible material providing added impact resistance while allowing full flexibility of the blade tip. Logos are added using hard wearing epoxy inks or In Mould Labelling (IML) techniques during manufacture.


All our carbon blades carry a limited 1 year warranty against blade breakage! Not sure which blade stiffness you require? Please refer to the SUPPORT PAGE to see our FIN STIFFNESS GUIDE


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T700X Orca Whale

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