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Vac Checker

Vac Checker® is a digital vacuum gauge.


We wanted to have a perfect vacuum gauge and designed one in partnership with Testo. This way we could get the quality and robustness of proven and supherb Testo quality and the requirements for resin infusion.


Vac Checker® shows absolute pressure what is indispensable for a successful infusion. The absolute pressure shows the pressure independent from the ambient pressure, only this way the vacuum can be measured correct to get the perfect quality from resin infusion.


Vac Checker® can also show ambient temperature and boiling point of water at actual temperature and vacuum. This shows if you have a leak or if water starts boiling in the setup so your vacuum stays low because of vaporizing water or a leak. When infusing with core material like Balsa this is a helpfull feature.

Below 20mbar the pressure is shown in 0.01mbar steps. This helps to give you a quick indication if a droptest will be succesfull. In case of a leak this will be shown within 30 seconds. Also all other units can be shown like pas, inHg....

The housing of Vac Chekcer® is very robust. It has two threads for vacuum connectors so it can be placed in line. The original Vac Checker® connectors are desinged the way that in case of misshandling they break before the sensor gets damaged.

• Absolute pressure sensor, 6 bar / 87 pis
• Measuring range: 1.100 bis 0 mbar
• Vacuum resolution: 0,01 mbar / 10 micron
• Parameter: mmHg, Torr, mbar, hPa, micron, inH2O, inHg, Pa
• Overload (rel): 5 bar (rel) / 72 psi (rel)
• Attachments: Connection adapters for pipes with an internal diameter of: 
       o 6 mm
       o 8 mm
       o 10 mm

Vac Checker

$647.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price
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